Stuck in detention at the end of term when you should be out having fun! Mr Pritchard just messed with the wrong class!

 You’ll need all the skills, smarts, imagination, and maybe some luck, to manage it, but you are breaking out of detention. Even if that means risking being expelled.

Can you and your classmates get your hands on the keys before Mr Pritchard returns to continue his lecture on why hooligans (like you lot) are a disgrace to the school?

Every minute you’re locked in is another minute lost of what promises to be the best school holiday ever!

Prices & Booking


2 Players


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3 Players


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4 Players


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5 Players


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6 Players


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7 Players


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Opening Times

Monday     12pm until 9pm
Tuesday     12pm until 9pm
Wednesday     12pm until 9pm
Thursday     12pm until 9pm

Friday     10am until 9pm
Saturday    10am until 9pm
Sunday    10am until 9pm

*Please note that the last room starts at 8pm

We have large time-slots for each booking to try to minimise problems with traffic or early / late arrivals.