Opening December 3rd

Almost every legendary villain has benefited from Professor Moriarty’s teachings.

Now it is your turn to prove you have the cunning and ingenuity to excel. Take your understanding of both the Grand Unified Theory of Mischief and Professor Moriarty’s Special Theory of Relative Morality and put them into practice in The Exam Of The Final Problem.

Your class might have the potential to match any hero, detective or agent; but no minion is going to work for you unless you pass this test!

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2 Players


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3 Players


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4 Players


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5 Players


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6 Players


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7 Players


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Opening Times

Monday     12pm until 9pm
Tuesday     12pm until 9pm
Wednesday     12pm until 9pm
Thursday     12pm until 9pm

Friday     10am until 9pm
Saturday    10am until 9pm
Sunday    10am until 9pm

*Please note that the last room starts at 8pm

We have large time-slots for each booking to try to minimise problems with traffic or early / late arrivals.