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The Curious Case At McGuffin’s

Your team has been asked by the P.I. to break into the bookstore and steal a book. Sounds easy, right?

Working for a famous Private Investigator has been a nice cushy number for a while now. But your latest job sounds a little more risky than sitting all night outsides a suspect’s place to see if he comes home.

Everyone is after this elusive book, and nobody is asking for it politely.

The latest is that the book is somewhere in McGuffin’s old book store, but why hasn’t anyone grabbed it yet?

Sneaking into a bookshop while the owner is at the dentist doesn’t sound too dangerous, but if you get caught you’d better hope it’s the police that catch you and not anyone else!

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The Plough Suite, Glebe Farm Campus, Knapwell, Cambridge, CB23 4GG

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