Welcome to CryptX Escape Rooms Cambridge

Our custom rooms will challenge your skills, your mind and your imagination.
You, together with your team consisting of family, friends, colleagues, must work together to solve the puzzles, conquer the challenges and escape the room.

The School of Hard Locks closes its doors for the final time on September 22nd.

This is the last chance for you and your classmates to overcome the fiendish puzzles and escape detention!

Your team has 60 minutes to unlock victory, choose your challenge:

School of Hard Locks

*Ending Sept 22nd*
Welcome to our immersive, non-linear, multi-room challenge.

You and your classmates never deserved to get caught. One hour detention?! More like 60 minutes to make good your escape! The faster you escape the faster the summer holiday can start!

Jewellery Heist

£1,000,000 is yours, if you can grab it.

You have a plan. You have an escape route. You even have a man on the inside setting the robbery up for you. Break in, steal everything (maybe solve the mysteries of the Illuminati if you have time) and then break out again. What could go wrong?

Prices & Booking


2 Players


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3 Players


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4 Players


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5 Players


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6 Players


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7 Players


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Want to play both rooms?   Returning customer?   Special request?   Contact us on 01223 751 344 or office@cryptx.co.uk

Prices subject to standard Terms & Conditions.

Opening Times

Monday     12pm until 9pm
Tuesday     12pm until 9pm
Wednesday     12pm until 9pm
Thursday     12pm until 9pm

Friday     10am until 9pm
Saturday    10am until 9pm
Sunday    10am until 9pm

*Please note that the last room starts at 8pm

We have large time-slots for each booking to try to minimise problems with traffic or early / late arrivals.

Player Testimonials

Brilliantly put together rooms. Really creative and thoughtful clues. We did the jewellery heist twice! Excellent variation of puzzles for all different skill types. Wonderfully friendly staff/owner who clearly have a huge passion for what they do. Can't wait to see what they come up with next!

The Room was really well planned, lots of puzzles to keep us busy. We took 2 teenagers and it was perfect for all of us. The staff were friendly and helpful. Its easy to find and has plenty of parking. We came out absolutely buzzing and we will be going back to do their other room!

Excellent! My son was invited to a birthday party there they thoroughly enjoyed it and managed to escape with 15 seconds left on the clock!

Great location, friendly welcoming staff, very enjoyable rooms, great for groups!

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